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Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co.,Ltd was found by a group of pharmacist which included with
Somchai Phisphahutharn,
Suvit Ngampoopun,R.Ph.
Subhachai Saibour
to proceed the business about medicines production and healthy products. They have an intention to run the business by the principle of profession and international management system.

We started constructing our first factory in November, 1993.

The factory was completed and licensed in May, 1994.

Our first production line of pharmaceutical manufacturing started in June, 1994.

Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic was qualified with GMP Standard by the Ministry of Public Health in August, 1994

Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co.,Ltd has proceeded the business about medicines production and healthy products by selecting raw materials, verifying production and analyzing products according to the quality management system of the company. All these proceedings have to be done to acquire the product with the standards which are acceptable goods, believable in safety, valuable and also the most satisfaction to consumers. The company consecutively intend to develop and keep standard, also including with usually revising and improving to produce proper products.

Researches play an important role in the development of pharmaceutical industries. They are considered to be contributing to the sustainable development of the country. As BLC has realized the significance of researches and looked forward to building a stable business, we decided to combine our research and development sector into BLC Research Center for better efficiency and stability. We also aim at passing on technologies from intelligent institutes by focusing on integrating together Thai folk wisdom and modern scientific procedures with the help of recent technologies for quality products, like our philosophy that says,
“ Quality Means Value of Life ”.
To be the leader in innovation

To be the righteous business

To integrate thai wisdom

To benefit to consumer
1. Use the standard management systems and support the consecutively development
2. Abide by legal requirements, customer needs, social responsibility as the parts of business
3. Build awareness and potential of human resources to be appropriate to the operations
4. Guarantee quality of goods and services with great operational process and firmly management
5. Take the least effect from operation to environment by preventing pollution, waste disposal and wastewater treatment
6. Encourage the operational safety by evaluating the risk of work and area, improving in security conditions with good health
7. Encourage happily working, good labor relation, proper incomes and welfares
8. Encourage thinking to create innovation
Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co.,Ltd operates the business with obviously keeping standard policy by selecting raw materials, verifying production and analyzing products, including management standards and quality systems of company to be accepted by the international standard.

Todays, Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co.,Ltd
is assured by these standard certification systems

GMP standard
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
TLS 8001
ISO 22000
Qualified Since 1994
Qualified Since 2001
Qualified Since 2005
Qualified Since 2005
Qualified Since 2007
Qualified Since 2011
Qualified Since 2014
Standard Qualification from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
BLC was given a manufacturing standard certificate from GMP, which indicates our qualified manufacturing practice, services, and products.
ISO 9001 Standard
ISO 9001 is a quality management system that ensures the quality of our production by its elaborate checking methods indicated in its detailed requirements.
ISO 14001 Standard
ISO 14001 serves as a framework to assist our company in developing our own environmental management system, from product design and production to delivery.
BSI-OHSAS 18001 Standard
BSI-OHSAS 18001 Standard is the Occupational Health and Safety Management system, strictly followed by Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic. Health, safety and sanitation policies are deemed important by our employees.
TLS 8001 Standard
TLS 8001: 2003 Standard is a labor standard in Thailand with the goals:
1. The employees understand the standard of Thai workers
2. Works comply with labor laws and other legal related issues
3. Increase the operational efficiency of the company
ISO / IEC 17025 Standard
General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration Laboratories. Scope of accreditation mentioned in accreditation No. 1209/54.
ISO 22000 Standard
Food Safety Management System is a standard that emphases on health, food hygiene, hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) in the production process to ensure that the food is safe for human consumption
Achievements and Awards
FDA Quality Award
The award that define “Standard quality, virtue and morality”. The company received FDA. Quality award in 2010 and 2011, two consecutive years.
Outstanding Organization in Labor Relations and Welfare Award
Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has received the award since 2006 by Department of Labor Protection and Welfare. The award is given to honor the employer who offers good management in labor relations and welfare to employees.
Outstanding Organization in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Award
Bangkok Lab & Cosmetic Co., Ltd. has received the national award.This marks the 8th consecutive year since 2011.
Zero Accident Award
The company received the silver level. We will be aiming at achieving the gold award level Nowadays, Zero accident rank is over 4,975,105 working hours.