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Bangkok Lab & Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of modern medicines, medical supplies, and cosmetics in Thailand. The quality of our products is guaranteed by GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TIS 18001, and TLS 8001. We are currently recruiting new, competent employees for various positions.
1. All genders, more than 18 years of age
2. Able to work full-time in Ratchaburi Province
3. Exempted from military service (men only)
Copy of ID Card
Copy of House Registration Certificate
Educational Certificate(s) (original and copy)
2 1-inch photos (taken within 6 months)

Military Exemption Certificate (men only)
Should you have any inquiries please contact our Human Resource Department:Tel. 032-719-900 ext. 107
Fax: 032-719-917 Email:
If I cannot attach transcripts and photos, what should I do?
It is usually happen if the file is more than 200 Kb. But do not worry, your application form is accepted without the attach files. However, you must submit your photo and transcripts copies to our personnel officers on the day that you are appointed to take the test or interview.
If I want to attach file, what types can I attach? How many files can I attach?
You can only attach file in PDF file. You can attach only one file in each subject.But if you can't attach file(s), you don't worry about this. Because your can send its in interviewing day
How can I acknowledge if my applicant is still available in the database?
You can check by confirmation email that we send to you if the process success
If the property does not comply with the notice, how can be considered?
The candidate will be registered first that there may have to wait to meet the qualifications of candidates for next time.
In addition to the application via the website of Bangkok Lab, can I apply through another methods, or not?
Yes, you can fill out an application at HR department of the company, however, the application via the website is the best method.
In the case of I have more than one field in the same level of educational background, how should be filled out the application?
It should be the information that you think it would be the most helpful.