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Okinawa eating style
Okinawa eating style of okinawa people in Japan is known as the longest life eating style in the world. It is because of food. How do they eat to be long living?

1. Okinawa people have a favorite quote that “eating is a drug”, so, they must think carefully before eat. Not eat whatever they want.

2. Not stop eating but choose carbohydrate, fat and protein suitably in each meals.

3. Okinawa people have a culture that eat for almost full or also call as Hara Hashibu that is eat about 4 in 5 parts of stomach or about 1,800 kilocalories ( compare with general westerners who eat about 2,500 kilocalories a day). If sitting for a moment, you will full naturally. This method will help digestion system to work easily.

4. Okinawa people eat and chewing slowly. You will feel its taste better and you will not eat too much.

5. Reduce fat consuming instead of dieting, the body will stronger not easily weary.

6. Foods in each meals full of vitamins which good for brains so they have less diabetics and alzheimers.

7. Okinawa people eat 7 parts of herb and vegetable in every meals, it is good for health, such as mint, sesame seeds, turmeric, chili pepper.

8.Okinawa people eat a little of salt. Not over 3 teaspoons per day. It can reduce high blood pressure.

9. They eat Miso soup before every meals. It can enlarge the area in the stomach. So that, they will eat others less and not obese.

Source : “Wellbeing & Health” column, Modern Mum magazine.