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Osteoarthritis of the knee...unfavorable disease the sound that familiar to elders that unavoidable especially women. This sound indicate to the Osteoarthritis caused by Cartilage. It is an erosion in the joint that cause the severe abrasion of bone while moving. It cause patients suffering tremendous pain because, normally, the cartilage will prevent the bones from direct abrasion while moving. Therefore, If we want to walk comfortably with less pain, we have to improve the behavior to be better.

Start with observing our weight that too much or not. If it is too much, it will increase difficulty to joint while moving and cause an easy erosion. So that, we need to lose weight in suitable weight. The exercises are important, too. Do not use joint too much such as heavy jogging. We should do an appropriate exercises such as swimming. And, eat whole 5 groups of food. In case of drug, we can take Glucosamine because this drug will help to build cartilage and reduce older bone destruction. Patients will live a better life. Just do all these, the older life will be happy as the young again.

Glucosa® is a product of Bangkok drug Co.,Ltd. The main ingredient is Glucosamine sulfate sodium chloride.

There is the bio-equivalence study compared with original placebo. It found that it is bio-equivalent. Besides, the company has launch new package as Glucosa Stick Pack, lemon flavor. The patients can eat drug easier. And, New packaging style that thicker to protect not to worsen from heat.