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importance of the preparation of the ISO 9001: 2008 in the pharmaceutical industry.
Quality control or QC are an activity and practical strategies to meet the requirements of quality reviews within the business. By verifying, measurement and testing to control the raw materials, processes and elimination the causes of defects arising out of the whole operation such as random sampling of products in the production process, analyzation to release finished product. The quality controlling process focus on verifying and separation of good and waste product, by specifying a percentage of the waste from the production to control not to waste a lot more than that.

Quality Assurance or QA is the operation that control the process and surveillance disorders that cause defects, in order to assure that the product or services are quality as the requirement of the law, as well as customer need.

Quality management or QM is a quality management system. Everybody related inside and outside the organization are taken responsibility to their own work with all their capability, in order to produce products and services as the customer need such as using Total Quality Management system or TQM.

Therefore, the benefits that received from preparation of the ISO 9001 : 2008 to develop staffs, workplace and working efficiency in the organization can reduce expenses and production costs, also losses which arise from production. It can build awareness to workers, systematic work and clear guideline that can control and easy to check. It also expands a new chance for new market, can increase their ability to compete with large corporations, and the most important is can increase products and good image for organization.